Best hardware deal you have had?

Mine was just recently, a 7850 for 2 of the humble origin bundle games. (Mirrors edge and Burnout)

Intel Q6600 got it for £200, brand new, from a local PC shop when they were £400 everywher else.

I got a 8800gt for a friend for about $15 at my local computer parts store.

Other than that i get to grab almost anything I want that my school is throwing out.

and this is still a thing since like february:

in-store only though.

I got an Intel X25M 80GB SSD for $30!

Best? Swiftech MCP355 with Petra's mod top for $50 shipped; $70 pump with a custom, $50 pump top.


I bought a 3570K for $150 from a dude on Ebay.  I also got a GTX 670 for $300 from there as well.  Purchased these parts back in February.  And I got my Corsair CX600 from Newegg for $40.

Now, I'm hoping to get my hands on the CM Quickfire TK keyboard in two weeks.  It's currently on sale for $70 ($60 with MIR).  Usually costs around $100.

You guys make me feel bad. I buy my hardware new, full MSRP, most of the time. I am becoming more and more of an Ebay stalker, though; all of the WC for my current main rig (not main rig for long) has been from the marketplace on OCN :)

I should also add that I got a computer one day for free with a broken GPU, wich had 4GB of DDR2 RAM, 2 harddrives (500GB and 200GB), and a Core 2 Quad 9XXX. Wich I repaired with a HD 6950 for $20, and just recently sold it for $110 and got a free 5770 that I replaced the GPU with. Also got a 120Gig intel SSD for free since a friend of mine "just had it laying around". Guys, start looking at parts locally, you will never know when you'll find gems like this. Oh and im getting a GTX 570 and a 650w PSU for $60 once I get the money.

Logitech z506 brand new for free well not free but got a free $250 gift card so kinda free


I enjoy reading about these things.  Anyone else?

Just recently a local store had a clearance sale to get rid of all their 680's because they were getting ready for the 770's. Got me a brand spankin' new ASUS GTX 680 DirectCu II OC for $250. Felt real good.


rosewill rk 9000 for $30 slightly used with zero noticable wear, only needed a small amount of wiring repairs

Got a i5 3470 for $180 at my local store. Sadly they raised every i5 to over $220 now.