Best hard drive for gaming laptop

I have around 54gb left on my 750gb hdd in my laptop so I need a second hdd. My laptop is the clevo p370em and is capable of holding 2 drives and a msata drive. I want a high capacity internal 7200rpm HDD for around a 100 bucks with at least 1tb of storage but I'd really like more. Also if admins read this please don't send this off to the storage forum its pretty much dead right now.


Why would you think that section is dead? Just post where it is meant to be posted and someone will come along and help. Be patient...

So can this thread be moved?


Very well I'll move it,  on a side note do you have any recommendations?

maybe something like this

definitely go for the sshd.  I can vouch for it.

I'm really looking for more storage then performance and speed.

it was the biggest laptop drive i could find for  around 100 bucks

Was there anything else maybe that was a little more expensive. 

I love my Western Digital Black drive, for games its great. I know they have 2.5" Black drives for Laptops but they are "Scorpio" and I don't know if there is any performance difference in the Scorpio and non-Skorpio black drives. Just my $0.02