Best gtx 670 for under £320

What in you opinion is the best gtx 670? Im most likely going to buy one on thursday and I was wondering which to get.

I was thinking of getting this:

But then I found ut that the memory chips have no cooling, thus reducing how overclockable they are. Ive only ever overclocked my cpu though, so I dont know if that really matters. From the benchmarks iver read they are the quietest 670, and can be overclocked about 10-15%, But I was just wondering if anyone had any other recommendations?


Thanks oxy, that looks like a lightning card 0.o

might as well be

On Amazon you can pick up the EVGA GTX 670 2GB DDR5 card for £290 or so.


Thanks warlord, but I could do with some overclocking headroom, preferably with a fan card.