Best Graphics Card for the AMD FX-8350

I want to build a computer around the AMD FX-8350 and I just want opinions on the best GPU for the AMD FX-8350 and 8 gb of ram. i just want to play games in 1080p on high/ultra settings.

Okay first for a 1080 monitor anything over a 7950 would be a waste, so if you want the max horsepower that is where I would stop. At the other end I would say nothing less than a 7850. From the nVidia side this means the GTX 660 and GTX 660Ti. The 7870 is a good middle of the road choice that should meet your needs but since you want to push hard on detail  level I would spend the money and get a nice HD 7950, my personal choice is the Sapphire HD 7950 Dual-X.

+1 if you interpret best as in "best suited".


You can get a Tahiti LE card like a powercolor 7870 myst ed.  or a 7870 xt by sapphire.   They perform within like 5% to the 7950  and is priced $50 less

Get a 7870 or a 7950 and you will be good to go. If you want to go with Nvidia, a 660ti will do it.