Best Graphics Card For Overclocking

Write a comment on the Brand / Card you think is best .

I am pretty biased here since the only video card I ever overclocked has been my HD3870. I am sure Nvidia is just as easy to overclock.

nvidia is better because it doesnt void your warranty on some of their board partners. also because nvidia cards generally have better coolers.

ATI currently holds the world record for highest factory overclocked GPU. HD 4890 frequencies range from 850mhz(stock) all the way to 1ghz. you can also count the fact that an hd 4890 is just an overclocked hd 4870.


True, but their cards are generally lower clocked to begin with. The 4890 is the best overclocker out there, but other than that card I'd say Nvidia is better on most other cards.

what about GTX 285 that card go to 760MHZ+ on the core just look at what some EVGA GTX285FTW cards are getting.

4890s and 4870s overclock really well, but pretty much every nvidia card hauls ass in overclocking. I pumped even my old 8800gts up from 500 mhz to 650, and way more than that on the shader and memory. the new 2xx series overclocks insanely well too because of the lower NM process

Um well a 9800GTX can be pushed prity far!

Nvidia, My 8800 GS, omg the stock is 550Mhz, i have it 750-780 stable. runs like a beast, comparble to a 8800GTS/GTX.