Best Graphics Card for around $200

I need help finding a great graphics card for gaming, video editing, and some production. I have looked at the XFX Core Edition Radeon HD 7870 GHz, but wonder if it is the best graphics card for me with the $200 budget I have. Thank you for helping me, have a nice day!       

A 7870 is the best for your budget.

Is the one I picked out a good one or is there a better company that makes them? MSI, ASUS, etc. 

Compare the price to other cards from different companys, you get what you pay for.

asus for the 7870 ghz edition isnt bad.

As long as it's not a reference design cooler, it's all good. If you're not overclockng, then try to buy one that's already factory OC'd. If you are, then, again, as long as it's not a reference design card, any model is good.

Go on ebay and pick up either two GTX 460's or the card by EVGA with two GPU's. They are selling for around $150-$200 and they are incredibly powerful for that kind of cash. They also happen to be DirectX 11 compliant. So as long as you don't need a ton of CUDA cores for anything, and you have a sufficiently beefy power supply, that is an excellent option. (Hint, the EVGA GTX 460 X2 card doesn't require SLI compatability with the motherboard.)


if you can find a 7870 arround 200 then go for it :) XFX 7870 is a good card, only wenn gaming for hours then better go with the Double dispension version, not the gost editions, they run a bit hot.

by the way this doesnt mean that every double dispension versions from any manufactureres do have better cool performance, as the single fan versions.

I have A HiS Radeon 7870 GHZ edition single fan, it works nice, and wenn i overclock it, its overclockable version, de perfomance in game , stay between a 7950 or 7970, so thats realy good, i dont oc it. but it is a possibility

This is the one i have.

i also  found this


those cards are realy nice..