Best graphics card for 350$

What is the best graphics card for 350$ dollars want to play some games in maxed settings others in very high settings any ideas?

Personally I would go for a GTX 660ti. This is not fanboyism. The amd option is the 7950, they are both great cards but I would go for the 660ti if you are going to play crysis 3, this is because crytek / EA, have partnered with nvidia and the game will be better optimised for nvidia cards. This week however is a time for huge sales and I have seen a GTX 670 with the stock cooler for $370 this week, so hunt around and get yourself a BARGAIN!


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I have seen the Sapphire 7970 on for 365$

If you're not rendering and you want to spend every penny go for a 7950, if not, a 7870 will play every game completely maxed fine. If you're rendering get a 670/660TI. If you're not rendering, and want to save some money, go for the 7870.

7870 will play every game maxed? I've had one for a few months. Most games = max settings. 

CPU intensive games however like PlanetSide 2 ten to bottleneck. I'm not even sure though PS2 is just poorly optimized even after all the updates there are some serious issues with threads/cores not being used efficiently. 

'7870 will max out most games if you couple it with a very strong gaming CPU' is probably the best answer I can give you. A 3570k or 3770k should do the job just fine. 

It might not be 60FPS but it can play games maxed very well.

Honestly, I'm new to the PC scene, and this computer is the first one I've had for gaming, and I put a 660 ti in mine, and I'm completely happy with it. Every game that I've played I've been able to run at max settings without a problem. I'm not saying one card is better than the other, I'm just saying I don't think you can go wrong with a 660 ti.

the 600Ti isnt bad, but the 7870 outperforms it and costs less, and the 7950 outperforms it by far for the same price

I personally would go for the best Nvidia card I could get with the money. It's not about fanboyism or whatever it is, in fact my previous GPU is ATI, it's rather about which one looks better. The 7950 might have better FPS than 660 Ti, but the 660 Ti has better frame latency and that makes the game look smoother. Go watch Logan's inbox video today and you'll know what I'm talking about. Here is the link I hope this helps.

Better frame latency can mean nothing at all if say the 7950 runs at 60FPS in a game for example and the 660Ti runs at 35 - it's going to look smoother on the 7950 in that case.

GTX 670 gets my bid. It's quite solid for around that price