Best graphics card for $270

What is the best graphics card for 270 USD? im looking to get one in the next few days. im gonna be using the gpu at 1080p at 60hz and id like to either max out or close to max out games and stay at pretty good frame rates(60+) since i am coming from console gaming.

i can go up to 300$ if i absolutely need to


Aftermarket 480 probably, though the 1060 was just announced

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Hi I think amd rx480 is a good gpu for your money. But that depends where you live :)

is there a release date for the 1060 yet? is there a price yet?

250 MSRP, 300 for Founders, so probably 300+ given the 1070/80 pricing

Although they removed SLI on the 1060 apparently

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whats the best card i could get lets say in 3 days for around 270?

I would certainly wait for the 1060 to be released and yes the SLI bridge was removed but that may not necessarily disable SLI as the bandwidth for those cards can probably be handled by the PCIE Bus if they allow it of course.

the 19th

I think rx480 is you're card since it is already out. But if you are a fan of nvidia then you wait

whats the difference between nvidia and amd? sorry if thatts a dumb question but this is going to be my first gaming computer


There is not much difference in performance. But nvidia makes gpu and arm cpu. Amd makes gpu and x86 cpus and gpu. If you are not a fan of any of them then make a choice based on price and performance of you're budget. And there is no bad question only bad answers ;)

Nvidia hates PCI-e Dual GPU, and they would have said by now if it was supporting it.

Closest thing would be dual 1060 in DX12 games

So what's your whole build/budget?

the 1060 should be slightly faster and cost more, it also has a bit less VRAM

the only other major difference is free-sync and G-sync, where G-sync costs $100 + for the same monitor specs

Also possibly AMD's GCN is better at DX12, but the new Pascal cards added some hardware support for nvidia

the budget is 1000 and i added the mouse but that can be taken off if needed. once again im going to be staying at 1080p at 60hz

oh, you.

ya 480 or 1060, unless you're impatient, same thing as before, aside from the 1060 which was literally just announced

also the NEX PSUs are crap, just get the 650W GQ Gold rated one, literally cannot do better at around $60-70 for a PSU, that thing is amazing

and that Mushkin ECO3 is pretty much best in class for 240gb SSDs, go for that over anything else

and it's a bad idea to game on a USB wireless device, just get a PCI-e one and you're set it's like $30 for a solid one

Also I'd start with cheap peripherals

Check out the Coolermaster Devestator II combo, $30 for a solid keyboard/mouse

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Might add more confusion but the 1060 will be faster out the box now with the majority of DX11 based games. The RX 480 may become relatively faster as DX12 games become more prevalent. Though I still think it will be similar to the 1060 rather than significantly faster at best. That's comparing the 8GB version of the RX 480. The RX 480 4GB version is cheaper but is affected by some of the more demanding graphically intensive options in certain games.

If you were intending to keep the setup for a couple of years at least then I'd go for as much VRAM as you can afford in your budget now for future proofing.

If you aren't willing to wait for aib rx480s or the 1060 an r9 390 for 280 dollars is probably your best choice.

when are the aftermarket 480s supposed to come out? more specifically the sapphire rx 480 nitro?

Why make a post like this now when is what 12 days from the low end cards to battle outside of NDA's.