Best Graphics Card £100 or under?


I recently built a gaming PC with an AsRock 880Gm-LE FX Motherboard,

the graphics card I had was an Asus Radeon HD 6670 1GB GDDR5, but it was faulty,

Can someone please suggest a graphics card suited to this motherboard? As I don't quite understand the difference between a PCI-E 2.0 or PCI-E x16 or PCI-E 3.



Link to motherboard

Link to GPU I liked :

Best card for £107 (HD7790)

But you can get a HD7850 for £120 --->



Will those be 100% compatible with the motherboard?

Yes it is 100% compatable you have v2.0 pciex16 thats compatable with v3.0.

V3.0 is a next gen thing the speed of the v3.0 slot is faster than 2.0 but not realy in use yet there is no card that can use the full advantage of pciex16 v2.0 yet  

Thanks for your help. Looks like I'll be ordering the MSi.

(The MSi Radeon HD 7850 1GB, it's only £11 more on Amazon UK)

Yes thats a good card too i run a 2gb vershon of the 7850 it runs all my games fine.

Ordered, Thanks. :)