Best Graphical Mods for Skyrim

Im looking for the best mods for skyrim that will improve the graphics, but not completely ruin my fps. I have a 7970 and an 8350, if you were wondering. I have heard of enb, but there are so many enb mods and i dont know which one to pick. 


Well, to start: THIS

Makes Skyrim look amazing, however, it hits the FPS. You should be fine with a 7970, I use a 7950 and can barley play it. (as in, you should get at least 30FPS)

Is quite a pain to set up the TPC though, allow a day or so to install all of the mods.

I saw that. It deffinitely helped me start with modding. Which enb mod do you think is the best?

Hm, I have only tryed one. I use Real Vision ENB (At least I think so, I cant quite remember)

EDIT: True Vision ENB* Although I have bolth downloaded)

hmm, interesting. Im torn between that one, and these ones:

The first and last would be for cheerful gameplay, the 2nd would be for sad gameplay (IMO)

I like mine, but thats my preference

Use Project ENB, have CoT and use the realistic preset. If you want more color, the author has optional SweetFX files for download and also optional color pallets. Its a really good ENB imo. Best I've used.