Best GPU under $250

I live in Australia so it needs to post to Australia. I will be playing games like Battlefield, Skyrim, Minecraft, Simcity and Fallout. Thanks guys/girls!

EDIT: I have been looking at these graphics cards

750 ti is good for it's price.

Both are great for single monitor 1080p gaming. BF4 is optimized for AMD cards,so you might see a small performance boost on the the 270

Both perform close to each other.Its your call if you think the 760 is worth the extra $40.

Anandtech says that the 270X has 94% of the performance of the 760, but is 80% the price (270X is $200, 760 is $250). Considering that Skyrim does better on AMD, I suggest the 270X (I am quite partial to MSI and Sapphire cards, but pick whatever looks better).

EDIT: And the AMD R7 265 beats the 750 Ti AT ABSOLUTELY EVERY SINGLE BENCHMARK, while costing the same ($150).

I would say the 7950 a few months ago, but seeing that GPU prices have shot up(damned mining), either a 270x or a 660 Ti are your only real options now. 

australia guys, prices are insane, you can't go by north american amazon

i'm pretty sure both of those cards are well out of your budget

this is probably the best you can do

or this to save money, but i've heard good things about xfx's cooler on this card in particular, they also have a lifetime warranty

edit: after a little bit more research i'd go with this, fairly good cooler and the 660 is the equal to the 7870, which is the ungimped 270 with more power delivery

(apologies for the formatting, i do my research on the fly)

I know for a fact that these cards from amazon ship to Australia and the shipping isn't to insane so I know I can get these.

While this may be true, I've only actually seen this with Mantle, by about 5-10% on APU based systems.  If you already have a really good processor, and GPU the difference quickly decrease.  6+ core AMD CPU's seem to have the biggest advantage here not the video cards when it comes to this game.

If you can find a 265...

2 other words of note, the 270x uses less power and creates negligibly less heat.  It is better performance for value.  If money wasn't an issue I'd go 750ti because I'm an NVIDIA whore.

Don't forget the good ole 7870's, I don't think they've experience the same price increase issues.  Kind of like the unsung hero of the mining world, left only to render beautiful frames.

They were dirt cheap, like $130 after rebate, but they have gone back up to around $200.