Best GPU Setup for Modded Skyrim

I am wondering peoples opinions on the best GPU setups for Modded Skyrim @ 1440p max


2 EVGA GTX 760 4gb SLI

2 HIS ICEQX2 7950 Crossfire @7970ghz level clocks

1 Sapphire 7970 6gb

GTX 780 (Dont know which is the best one)


Which will be able to have the most texture and enhancement mods running without running out of GPU Mem

I am curious what people's opinions are.

I happen to use a 780 on a 1440p monitor. I max out the panel at 60FPS (60Hz) when I am playing Skyrim with mods (and most other games). So, I imagine you can probably get away with less GPU muscle.

It wouldn't surprise me if a single 7950 was up to the job, if I am honest. Not saying that is the "best" setup. I would buy a single 7950, if other games were not being considered at 1440p + ultra.

Is crossfire still broken?

No, apparently most (if not all) the issues are fixed.

I would say crossfire 7950s is the best setup for 1440p. I got the 780 because I wanted to try Nvidia, and I wanted a single card solution. However, two 7950s are going to cost near the same price, have the same amount of Vram, and give you much more performance.

Get a single 7950, and if that doesn't do it for you, grab a second. A single 7950 is a capable card at 1440p. It would struggle with a few demanding games. Anything else will be more than playable, to the best of my knowledge.

Here is a comparison between top-tier cards at 1440p

What is the fps difference with an 8350 vs 4770k with crossfire 7950s

Anyone else have any opinions?

I would get a 4gb gtx 770 and a 8350 would be great with it overclock both a little and I think that would do the trick.

anyone else?


If its mainly for skyrim than intel is quite a bit ahead. Thats one of the few games that it seems intel always wins.

(Could be wrong this is just going off benchmarks)

Personally i would get the 760`s, the 7950`s will probably yield more preformance though.

You will benifit from extended vram when it comes to Modded Skyrim.  I would also opt for a single gpu.  A 4gb 770 would be a good option.

Will skyrim use all the 4gb if I use 8k textures. Wont the 770 run out of horsepower before it uses all 4 gb in slyrim?

and it will be for 99% skyrim modded to hell. Mybe some  killing floor, Rise of the Triad, and witcher 2&3 as well. Tis will be 99%for skyrim

With 8k textures you might go over 4 gb vram.  The 780 has only 3 gb of vram and i am not aware of any version that thas more.  You might be a good canidate for this strictly for its vram as well as its 1440p performance. 

Even with 8k textures I dont see him going over 4gb`s of vram. If you really want that extra vram though I think something like this would be more suitable. (If the titan fits in your budget though, I would go with that.)


The 6gb was on my list, and I am seriously considering it. That or 7950 crossfire, since apparently the crossfire issues were fixed. So the 7970 6gb seems the best. Thanks guys.

I am so tired, my previous post makes no sense, night Tek.

I would advise against the 6GB AMD cards, I think that's needless cost. I have a 780 at 1440p, as I have forementioned. The 3GB of Vram doesn't hold back the card at all. I can play all my games maxed out, with 7/10 games at a constant 60FPS - my panel refresh rate is 60Hz. So obviously 60 = 60.

I really believe that 3GB of Vram is the sweet spot. Any of the card configurations you have chosen will be fine. However, more Vram is better for modding, and this makes me lean towards the 7950(s) or the 780. I honestly think you are fine with a single 7950 at the resolution. That's based on my own experience of 1440p. 4GB is probably too much Vram, you'll probably never use it. But I can understand grabbing two 4GB Nvidia cards.

Considering that these values are probably the card at stock, you're going to get playable frames with just a single card. That's something to consider. You could buy a single card now, then get a second cheaper when it warrants it, many months from now.

And never buy a Titan. The 780 gives all the gaming performance of the Titan for half the cost, they run on the same GK110 chip. At stock values, the 780 has been known to beat the Titan. This is reflected in the Civ 5 1080p value on the link below. The performance differences don't warrant $400-500 extra for the Titan.

Just to clarify im gonna be playing 99% skyrim, any other comments

Im leaning more toeard the iceqx2 crossfire now