Best gpu overclocking utility

any AMD card i am going to buy a XFX video card which they do not have any overclocking utilities. Also it needs to be black and or red

I have an XFX card, (7770 with double dissipation) it's silent, very cool and solid. You don't need it to have an overclocking utility, you can use the AMD catalyst overclocking. or download MSI afterburner, or Trixx, it doesn't matter it's XFX, they work with all cards.

what about asus gpu tweak and i plan on removing the stock cooler and using a gpu water block for it in the future this is why i looking towards these tools

Ive had problems with Afterburner, but Trixx is absolutely rock solid and has never given me a problem.

If you like Asus GPU tweak go ahead and donwload it.
Those softwares run on the GPU, which is made on all manufacturers by the same guy, AMD. So there is no compatibility issues with the manufacturer or the branding at all.