Best GPU for BOINC computing?

I've been into this grid computing thing since [email protected] first came out (and I was a kid). Now it is BOINC As a lot of these projects are different it seems. Some are CPU based and others GPU. Would an AMD GPU and APU be better for this type of thing? I mean since it is better at bitcoins it must be better at computing projects for BOINC?
Currently using a gtx 970 (which I use for gaming too).

You probably got the answer by now but if not, here, majority of Boinc projects seems to favored Nvidia only a few like Collatz, Milkyway, Einstein, (seti?) and only Milkyway takes advantage of DP. If you looking for ppd then go for Collatz and GPUGRID. Gtx 970 will run on those fine and generate about 500k ppd on Collatz and 300k ppd on GPUGRID.

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had a long reply then i released the topic is almost 2 years old lol.

2 year old topic with no original replies, nice necro :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

Better late than never right?! Hahaha :slight_smile: You guys still crunching Boinc tho?

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I went from [email protected] to mining back in like 2013, so no.
Shame that mining has essentially taken over that scene, but at least the ones that do still compute get better and better hardware over the years.

yeah still got the 4770k, picked up the r9 fury sapphire when it was on sale.

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Me too! but i switched to boinc after got hold of a wall of ASICs. Mined them until 2015 but i still do boinc on few projects....and abit of Gridcoins. :slight_smile:

In [email protected] my Radeon VII does 3 tasks in 30 sec while the 2880ti does 3 tasks in 4mins !

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It’s been over 2 years since the OP posted to this thread and he probably has found the answers he was looking for. Fr33Th1nk3r if you want thread reopened message me or one of the Leaders of this forum. :slight_smile: