Best GPU for about $200

I saw a Zotac 660 on tigerdirect for 214 and for the same price it does better than the 7850.

So is Zotac a good brand?

I can't afford a 7870. unless it is 220 or below.

Hey also I want a card that will perform better in games like ARMA, BF, Cryisis, Elderscrolls, and GTA games. Those are like the only games I play.

Would a 500w psu 95w cpu work with this?

Between those two cards you are talking about here is the difference

Also if you can throw 15 dollars more you can get a 7870 from newegg

At the moment AMD has been pushing out great drivers for their cards, and look at the bright side you get two free games.

Thanks. I think I'll get that instead.