Best GPU for 1200p Gaming?

Hey all,

I'm building a new gaming rig in the coming months and I've been trying to get the best bang for my buck. Here's the current build:

Anyway, it seems like the mid-tier GPUs are performing like high-end ones now, and the ASUS GTX 760 DCUII OC'd seems to be really kicking ass. I prefer my framerates to be 60+ but diping down to 55 is acceptable. I also want to be able to crank the graphics settings as high as possible (excluding games like Metro or Tomb Raider w/TressFX on). The main games I play are BF3, Skyrim, and Minecraft. I'd like to expand my library, but my current GPU limits me (HD 6770, total piece of sh*t). My question here is, what GPU would be the best bang for the buck? The games I'd like to play are BF4, BF3, Modded Skyrim (2K-4K textures, RealVision ENB, ultra settings, fps can dip down to 40), Planetside 2, Crysis 3, Rise of the Triad, The Witcher 2, Minecraft (+ shaders and better water. On Minecraft the fps can dip into the high 30's, because, well, it's minecraft, not Battlefield), Bioshock: Inifnite, and indie games, and upcoming AAA titles.

The 760 seems to be doing really good. Not sure about modded Skyrim though, as ultra may be too high settings with all those mods + ENB, but there's always ENBBoost. I'd like to stay around $1500 but prefer to stay below $1300. So, what do you guys suggest?

What is your total budget?


Forgot about that. I'd like to stay in the $1500 range, but stay below $1300 if you can. I don't want to spend obscenely on a GPU (no more than say, a 780, which is $600), but I don't want to hold back, either.

You have enough processing power to run any given GPU, but you should match the GPU to your display.

Assuming your monitor is 60Hz, you won't see more than 60FPS. So, though you do not want to hold back, be careful not to over-spend. The 760 is very capable of hitting that mark in a good number of games. I think I will recommend the 770, or the AMD equivalent. Balanced, in budget, and meets your gaming requirements.


Have a look at some benchmarks and decide for yourself.

I originally had the 770 but stepped down because my monitor will be 60Hz. So, I would go with the 770 but in most cases it overperforms. While that's nice and means it'll last quite a while, I think with the optimization we get now, a 760 can run those games and newer games @ 60fps+. Later on I could add a second 760 as well, matching or exceeding the performance of a single 770 for about the same price. What do you guys think?

I like your logic.

Money saved now can be used on something else.

I might use the extra for a sound card + headphones later on, but I'll probably just add in a second 760 as games get more taxing.

Sounds like a good plan. You've got a good PSU for dual cards, if you need to SLI

Alright then, 760 it is. Thanks guys!