Best Gaming Router recommendation

Hello. What is your recommendation for the best router for online gaming? It is important for me that it supports multiple devices. Would you recommend the NETGEAR N600 Dual Band WiFi Router? Does it meet my needs? Thank you.

  • Do not buy Routers made by companies that also sell RGB-Keyboards

  • Cable beats wireless in latency

  1. How many devices would the Router need to serve?
  2. What sort of “uplink” do you have? (ADSL, VDSL, FTTH, LTE, etc.)
  3. Any existing infrastructure you would like to keep in service?
  4. How much of a time-sink do you want this to be?
  5. Any requirements for future expandability?

Tbh you likely don’t need the best, a mediocre TP-Link sub 100eur would probably do ok for all your gaming needs, the question though is what you do other than gaming, how many devices you need to actively connect,etc

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Do not buy from NETGEAR if you can. I have had many problems with them in the past, I would say Asus is better. The router specs you posted seem very bad 300 + 300Mbps is kind of weak now. If you want a good value maybe go for the ASUS AC1900 WiFi Router.

Asus is the only consumer router I recommend.

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All junk. ASUS is the least awful box store brand because their AI Mesh feature gives them some incentive to provide firmware updates after next year’s bigger-number-better replacement SKU drops. The other brands care little for security or if the buzzword features on the box actually work.

What makes a good “gaming” router is QoS and the ability to cap your WAN speed so packets don’t back up and cause latency spikes. Look at the Unifi Dream Router. Very powerful device and will be supported for many years.

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Get a Netgear and install OpenRouter.