Best gaming PC you can put together

I need a good gaming pc for hardcore gaming.

Also i prefer FX8350

No price limitations.

I will buy it if its good.

Awesome! WIll post one in the next 30 minutes


Here you go. This is a pricier build, but you said there was no budget. Also there is no OS, moniter, keyboard, mouse, etc.. I put in some notcua fans for the cooler, but I recommend Notcua fans for the replacement of all fans. You could ask another video card, but I would recommend you get a really cheap one of the some card. I.E. I put in a 7970, so get the cheapest 7970 that is still trust worthy.

Seems the best to me.
Do what you want with the fans, optical drive and sound card and if you're looking for extra power just shove in another one of those GPU's.



Here is my shot at it:

TriFire watercooled 7970s, watercooled 8350, 32GB DDR3 2133, 1TB of SSD, all in an amazing case. Just over $6700. You would need to get barbs/fittings for all of your waterblocks, but you can get those anywhere (at a hardware store.)

An unlimited budget, and you select a single 2GB 670? Unlimited budget means 4-way SLI or QuadFire!

I simply wanted to make a somewhat balanced not extremely expencive pc. I could also put one togeather only taking the most costly components, but I didnt.

Wow, thanks guys. Didnt expect for all this feedback.

6700$ might be a little overkill.

I will use this guys build: doubleagent214 with 2 x 7970

If you do, mind posting a few pictures of it? :)