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Best gaming mouse

What would you say is the best wired gaming mouse out there?

I am mainly a palmgrip user, but I can get used to other grips, but palmgrip is prefered. I have medium-large hands.

Perixx MX-2000 in my opinion. Cheap , feels fantastic and the buttons are great to use.

Sorry, just not digin it.

Logitech G400 is one of the best ones and it's relatively cheap. It's shaped for palm grip and it fits my large hands nicely.

I love my corsair m65. It's really well built and looks so sexy :D

I'm definetly liking that one, but I was also looking at the Rat 7. Hard to choose.

Logitech G600, Corsair M65, Mionix Naos 8200, Func MS 3, and Logitech G700s are all good options. I personally have a G600, and it is one of the best mice I've used, and is great for both MMOs, FPSs (I play ber few, so take that with a grain of salt), and any other things you could use it for. I have used my friend's Steel Series Sensei Fnatic, quite extensively, but it is more of a claw grip. Still, the Sensei is fantastic.

Well, the best mouse I have ever owned, was the Logitech MX510. Unfortunately my back then baby dog, decided to chew it...

The G400s and the G500s are what I am waiting to try, since my Steelseries Sensei is having some rather annoying problems. [Logitech is a swiss company, yet Switzerland has not received the s-series... srsly? ><]

The G400s  / G500s look very close to the MX510, which fit my bearish palms quite nicely :)

G400(s) is a more practical mouse with flawless sensor, G500 is about gimmicks that you might want or might not care to have.

I would personally prefer a mix of them, for example sensor and weight from G400, DPI indicator, on-board memory and scrolling wheel from G500.

I will most likely order both and send the one back I like less. I'll have to read up on the features. The only features I know are Laser vs Optical [found a nice registry fix for base M$ accel, works neatly], and braided vs non braided cable. I'd like to have a DPI switch built in, since I hate that my Sensei has only 2 profiles for on the fly. [Dota I want my mouse slower than in UT3] and I like to have a choice of DPIs on the fly :D

So really, waiting to try them / grab them before I buy em ^^

[found a nice registry fix for base M$ accel, works neatly]

You just need to uncheck 'Enhance pointer precision'. Also, set pointer speed to 6/11 so that windows doesn't affect DPI and set desired DPI using logitech software because windows mouse settings decrease accuracy due to interpolation.

and braided vs non braided cable

I find G400 cable to be pretty much perfect.

I like to have a choice of DPIs on the fly :D

Both of them can switch DPI on the fly and you can edit exact DPI values. Although in case of G400 (not sure about G500) you need to keep Logitech software in the system tray for your custom DPI settings to work.

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