Best Gaming Monitor Sub ~$200

Ok so the problem is that i don't know what monitor to choose here are the ones I'm contemplating and also feel free to suggest different monitors in the sub $200 category!






  6. http://www.tigerdire...t8hoJRcGV9luSIw

  7. http://pcpartpicker....onitor-rl2455hm

These are the ones I'm thinking about. Tell me your opinions!

I like the looks of the ASUS VE248H, VK248H-CSM, and the BenQ. ASUS monitors have always worked nicely for me, and the BenQ has good ratings. I have the little sibling to the ASUS VS247H-P, and the base on it is wicked wobbly. It's a nice monitor and the base does hold it up, but the base allows it to shake pretty bad, especially if you're like me and occasionally kick the desk by accident.