Best gaming mice

I'm searching for a new mice for a palm grip. I will use it to play fps, mmo's, moba's, rpg's,...A lot of gaming genres and i want it to be very resistant because i don't want to change my mice every year. I'm hesitating between the razer taipen and the logitech g502 proteus core.( I alsow have large hands thats why i chose those two).

I recently bought the Razer Deathadder (used it for two days so far), before that I had the Roccat Kone XTD and before that one the Mad Catz Rat 9. And my very first one was the Logitech MX518.

I have very large hands, all of these mice fit very well (Deathadder and XTD a bit more than the Rat 9) but I change mice like other people change underwear...

and for the gaming performance is the kone XTD worth the money.

I recommend G400s. G502 is good, but it's more about gimmicks and extra buttons, sensor performance and reliability are on the same level.

I'm a fan of Razer Naga 2014

It's similar in size to the Death Adder and the number pad comes in handy for any game as you can map it to pretty much anything with the software.

Really thanks for your suggestion but i don't really like to have a lot of buttons on my mice because i'm affraid to press them when i'm playing.

I play a lot of RPG's and just some shooters here and there, and by far the most comfortable mouse I bought has to be the Razer DeathAdder 2013. So I will recommend that mouse.

I have big hands, the naga is the only mouse for me. 

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(Sorry for my late reply but real life can be a real pain in the ass) Wich grip type do you have if you use an naga (claw gripp or palm grip) because i wanna know how it feels in palm grip with large hands.

Are you looking to macro a bit? Do you want low latensy? What do you want in terms of color? There are three mice I'd consider buying.
Mionix Naos 3200 ($50) / 7000 ($100) : ergonomic (all "are"), rgb, couple of macros, soft touch material (good IMO), good sensor
Logitech MX Master ($100) : two scroll wheels, better for bigger hands, unique macros areas, wired and wireless, grippy textures, good sensor
Perixx MX2000II ($25) (I own this one) : cheap, linited rgb (needs to be opened and cover up the green only DPI), well placed macros, surprisingly good build quality w/ adjustable weights, grippy sides with gloss and soft touch.
For value I really like the Perixx MX2000II, but if I were to spend an extra $25 I would get the Mionox 3200 and for $50 more the Logitech MX Master. Hope this helped. Also MX Master is not "gaming" optimized as the others are, but can function well in that category.