Best Gaming Laptops for £1000

Hi guys, my mother drove over my old laptop and was needlessly to say a bit scratched so I'm looking to grab another one before I head back off to uni. I'm looking a great gaming laptop and seeing as you guys on here have helped me a lot before I wanted to know in your opinion which laptops should I be looking at ?


What screen size are you looking for?

Id prioritise the performance over the size of the screen but anywhere around 15" or above

Couple of Gigabyte options

You're trading a 128gb of SSD storage and 8GB of RAM from the P16G for a 965M on the P55K.

For £963.00, you can configure this laptop with a 6700HQ, 16GB RAM, 500GB 850 EVO, and a 960M.

For £996.00, you can get the same specs with 12GB of RAM and a 965M.