Best gaming laptop for around $1,500?

So I just built my new gaming desktop but I find myself constantly going over to my girlfriend’s house to house sit while she's working at the hospital. Then it happens, I'm stuck with her iPad and a shih tzu just staring at me thinking "you pitiful man you" 

So I have around $1,500 for a new gaming laptop.

What do you think is the best bang for my buck?

Also, a douphin with a portal gun gets in a fight with a hammerhead shark wearing a crisis nano suit, who would win! GO!

What are you looking for?



17in vs 15in?

look around on here:

My friend recently got the sager 9170 from there with the 670mx and it works great. (crysis 3 almost max, but he plays it lower to have his comfortable 50fps)

EDIT: Hammerhead

Sweet! They all have really good specs.  Thanks again

Asus.This one for some reason has better specs than the 1500$ ones..Think it's because it's not out just yet.



I've heard Asus makes great gaming laptops. I did buy one a couple of years ago and it overheated and died playing minecraft in 3 days of buying it. But i'm sure that was just a bad apple of the bunch.

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