Best Gaming Laptop for $800-$900

So, in a few months I will be moving off to college. I'm looking to purchase a laptop that will be future-proof for a few years because money will be tight in college. I currently have a desktop that I built for gaming a year ago but I also want a laptop for the portability. I'm currently looking at some of the MSI laptops. Any suggestions?

I don't have any real insight on what's currently on the market, but I have an MSI laptop (that I'm selling) that's pretty amazing. I had to send it in once because I forgot the BIOS password and they took it in no problem, I just had to pay shipping their way.

MSI is a stand up company for Laptops, I'd highly recommend checking them out. Stay away from their other hardware though. I've had two motherboards die on me from them.

What games are you playing? or at least type of games? Because I don't think you can get by flawlessly with AAA titles with good graphics for few years with 900 bucks for a laptop. If you're into moba, cs go and older games like from 2013 below you'll be fine with laptops in 900 bucks price range, check this:

Lenovo y40
Aliernware 14
Msi GE40

Configurations may vary but those are the best I found that's under 800-900 bucks.

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