Best gaming cpu?

What is the best gaming CPU without getting into the $1000.00 range. I know you can get a beast of a CPU for $1000.00 but I dont need to be elite and from what ive seen you pay way more for little increase in performance. The I5 3570k is what I am using now and have no complaints but I am helping a friend build a gaming PC and was wondering if there is a better CPU for the money or even a bit more? Is there any reason to get more than quad core? AMD or Intel let me hear your opinions. 

If all you want to do with it is game then go for the 8350. It is the best CPU for the money and it handles games flawlessly. If you want something for powerful then your next best option is going to be 3770k or 4770k. I personally use the 8350 and the only game I have ever played that stresses it out is the BF4 beta (75-80% usage)

If you play older games the i5 3570k is perfectly fine, the Haswell version imo is a waste of money for what you get.

If you looking to the future however the 8350 is probably the better buy.

get a i7 the 8 core fx still cant keep up with the hyperthreaded i7 even when all 8 cores are used

not to mention it uses much more power and heat. oc the i7 to say 4.2 and you destroy ithe fx

yes if you're using it to it's full potential i5<8350<i7, but if you're only using a it for gaming then they all perform the exact same

if you want a bit more power in multithreaded tasks then an 8350 will be the best for the money (yes the i7 is better, but it also costs alot more), if it's for nothing but gaming you won't be using many threads then you can play it safe with an i5 and still have plenty of power

If the 8350 is superior to the 3570K why do the only to creditable benchmark I could find say otherwise?

Not trying to be a smart ass im just wondering should I be considering more than numbers? If I will see %45 speed increase in other operations with the I5 3570K why not spend an extra $20?


That's incredibly wrong.

The 8350 does not use anywhere near a noticeable amount of energy more, ending up being, maybe, a dollar more per month, max.

A 4.2gHz OC is very low when most 8350s are hitting 4.6 to 4.8 easily, generating no more heat than an i7 at 4.6 to 4.8gHz. Heat and power are no the differences between CPUs.

The 8350 does not have PCIe 3.0, native USB 3.0, or the strong per-core performance of the Intel CPUs, but the i7s do not have the true 8 cores for multi-threaded applications that will actually utilize them, doesn't have BLCK-based OC between Broadwell and Haswell (Ivy and Sandy don't support it), and are more expensive. You have to balance the needs and games you will play, not just super-imposing the fanboy attitude you employ.

if you want some real credible benching see the tek syndicate video where they match up the 8350 vs an array of differnent intel core processors. there is basically maybe a 5-7 FPS boost with going for the i7 or even their i7 6 core cpu. what you have to ask yourself is if that 5-7 boost is worth the 200+ you pay for the cpu/mobo

erm, even with HT tech the 4 cores + HT only equal about 6.5 cores of an 8350

The CPU has very little to do with gaming in general. Anything i5 and up for intel, and 4xxx and up for AMD will do fine for games. Now, and in the future, despite "Optimizations" for more cores. 

Intel does do a bit better at handling Physics calculations, though. But AMD is cheaper. 

"the CPU has very little to do with gaming in general"

I really can't agree to this, many many games require strong CPU performance, if they didnt then no one would give a crap about i5's/8350's/i7's, we'd all buy 4300's and i3's instead.

I also mentioned "i5 and up, and 4xxx series and up"

After a certain point, it doesn't really make a difference.

Not for gaming.

Sure, you may see a couple FPS increase. But hardly worth the hundreds of dollars to upgrade for that small boost.

yes and no, it really does depend on the game your playing.

older games your correct but with the newer games being designed to use multiple cores more effectively, the power of your CPU and core count is going to make more of a difference.