Best Gameplay Recording Software For Win8

Subject says it all. I was looking into FRAPS and bunch of other programs but most I always end up reading about compabitility issues with Windows 8. Something about not having Aero and it requires it inorder to record.. etc etc.

What do you recommend? Thanks. (Also I will most likekly just get a cracked version)

You can try this one, although it requires a little bit of setting up.

Or if you have Nvidia GPU or Intel CPU you can use Action! because it's easy to use and it uses hardware acceleration (CUDA or Quicksync) to encode video on the fly.

heres the roundup

Logan always talks about xsplit which, oddly enough, isnt even on the list. Maybe because it's a live capture type of software.

Elgato Game Capture HD for Windows is now fully integrated with XSplit. So there's that...