Best game(s) for $10/$5?

I've got $10 to spend, Tek Community. What is the single best game to get for $10, or two games for $5?

Doesn't matter where it is (GOG, Steam, Desura, etc) so let me have em!





I have a mid spec system. An HD 7770, 4GB RAM, and a Phenom II X4 965. I run Windows 8. (Don't bash me about it.) I use KB/M. No controller or joysticks.

Any particular genre? Do you have a good system spec?


Try Free Space 2 from GOG for $10. It's one of the best space flight sims and has some of the best space combat ever conceived . Make sure you have a joystick though or it won't be a quarter as fun. It should run on a Windows 7 PC.

You can get both Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas for $9.99 each on Steam. 

bioshock 1+2 $5 on amazon (for steam)(still got a few days i think)

and binding of issac $5 on steam

Daggerfall, Deus Ex Original, The Dig, Spear of Destiny, Stalker <----- My favorite (first fps I played)


I'm still going to stand by the indie games FTL and the binding of isaac.

Neither are FPS style but they're unique in their own mechanics and i like them.

Just do what I do and get every Humble Bundle  :P

And I also highly recommend FTL

Fable 1 on amazon for $2.50 (I personally haven't played any fables, but I heard the first one was the best.)

Got the Humble Bundle (Above Average) and the Weekly Deal (Alan Wake + DLC) all for $7. I think I'll buy the bext weekly deal when it comes out in about 12 hours.

Didn't buy it. If anyone's interested, it's a lot of Tell Tale games (including The Walking Dead for Above Average). Just not interesting to me.