Best free antivirus?

New rig, looking for a solid antivirus that wont empty my pockets. Any tips? 

Windows can show you a few if you update it.


 Microsoft Security Essentials


I like Avast 

Thanks man, my life is complete with this picture.


Comodo Internet security Premium (Free)

Make sure to do a custom install. Untick Geekbuddy(useless)

 it also offers Comodo dragon(Chromium based) In my opinion its better than using Google chrome. I still prefer Firefox over any other browser.

And it will offer to change your DNS to Comodo's DNS, Upto you.

Has tons of setting and highly configurable. Make sure HIPS,Stealth Ports, Sandbox(Partially limited) Are enabled. Also comes with Comodo kill switch(Task Manager on steroids) View connections, Virtual kiosk(sandboxed operating environment) And other features.

Also Malwarebytes Anti-Malware(Free) - On demand Scanning.

All of the big antiviruses all grab their virus databases from the same places... So just try to find one that is not a resource whore. I use AVG (need to have it for my school network) and it is not the worst I’ve ever used. Malwarebytes seems to be the only effective one when it comes to virus removal besides manually doing it... But I believe you need to pay for active protection (which is never worth it)


hardcore hackers?bsh plz

I've posted this before, but I will do it again...

Prevention... prevention... prevention!!!

Surf the web in a sandbox, torrent and test in a virtual machine.

Be smart, be safe and us a proxy :)


Virtual Machine


I personally use MalwareBytes.
I highly reccomend this! Gets rid of every virus you will ever have!