Best FM2 Socket Motherboard

I am in the process of putting together an APU build. What is the best FM2 socket motherboard I can pick up for $50-60?

This is what I have found -

what apu are you getting because if it is not a kaveri then some of the stuff on an fm2+ board will not be active? like pcie 3 will be pcie2.

That was my original board up until I tried to install it only to find it was faulty, sent it back, got a refund, got this

I am using this APU -

Im not exactly sure if it is FM2+ or not

How is that new board working out? Are you able to easily overclock your APU on it?

The A10-6800k is an FM2 CPU.  It will work just fine in an FM2+ board, though.

I have heard that Gigabyte motherboards for FM2/FM2+ are terrible.


I'm not currently using an APU but my CPU does have a FM2 socket. The mobo has been great so far but I haven't got around to overclocking yet but from what I hear it should do pretty well in overclocking.

Even if you buy an FM2 CPU/APU - don't buy an FM2 motherboard. Get an FM2+ since it's the newer socket and will allow for future upgrades and gives you a few more/newer features. 

The board's you're looking at are FM2+ and FM2 boards are probably hard to come by these days as they are getting old, but I just wanted to clarify the difference between FM2 and FM2+ because it's important to make the distinction. 

As the others have mentioned, any FM2 CPU/APU will work just fine on any FM2+ board.

I have an Asus A88X pro and the features alone are worth it. Been rock sold. It is a little pricey though