Best fantasy books and why?

My fav books are fantasy, and im looking for something to read after reading over 100 fantasy books!

So give me you fave fantasy, or even sceince fiction and why


I bet you've read Harry Potter series, and the Lord of the Rings series. My favorite series'.

Try the Eragon series. It's a really enjoyable, don't let the fact that the author was 17 when writing the first book drive you away.

Infact I have read all those books you have mentioned :D 

Aww, how about... Maximum Ride?

Wheel of Time series.

Terry Goodkind's sword of truth

I can’t simply find a good way to say why they are good but they are great and don’t base off what syfy put out that show was just total crap maybe some people liked it but I read the books it was supposed to be based off of and that show just should not have been made simply put but at the very least something to look into if you read the first you will be hooked



I have read the first book of the sword of truth. i'll admt it was an awesome story, but I didnt like all the sexual torture that was in like a good 50% of the book, I felt it was over done and I couldnt read the other books after that. It left a bit of a stale taste in my mouth, but maybe ill go back and read them

Give Wheel of Time a spin. The final book just came out of 14...

You've probably read GoT, so forget that...

Have you read the more obscure Tolkien books, like 'The Slimarillion'?

Perhaps the 'His Dark Materials' trilogy? The last book is rather fantastic. 

Are you a Warhammer fan?


The Name of the wind!

This book is the best thing that has every happening to me in the book world.

Have a ganders at this:

The best Fantasy book ever for me is The Sword of Shanara, by Terry Brooks. 

Then it goes on further to elf stones of shanara etc... which is my favourite of the whole series

People mistakenly read the prequel to sword of shanara which came out much later ... it's called the first king of shanara, don't read that because it gives away the power of the sword. 

Any Fantasy by Jack Vance, mainly the lyonesse series and the dying earth series or the terra incognita series by Kevin J Anderson

the percy jackson series is almost definetely something you have read, but i'll go for it anyways. "The lightning thief" was way better than the movie, honestly it seems like they ran out of money while making the movie.  I like the way almost everything from the first book is somehow connected to later books in the series.

oh yeah: darn you holidaynova, you came first :3,

the shannara books can get you attached to he characters, that is what i call a good book.

Elric of Melnibone.  Seriously.

i have a couple favorites, the eragon series is pretty good if your looking for something not too chalenging. if your up to putting a little bit of time into these things go ahead and read Game of Thrones, there are five books upwords of a thousand pages each but they're really good in my opinion.


Ohh i've read that book or atleast half of it until the librarian asked me to return it. It was really interesting. But did not finish it. Maybe, just maybe one day i'll go back! and read the remaining chapters heehe

David Eddings wrote some amazing fantasy books.It seems like you are ignoring the Wheel of Time suggestions. What about one of the billion R.A. Salvatore books? Laura Marks is another author who seems to be less known but phenomenal. Anything by Terry Brooks. If I pay thee not in gold by Piers Anthony, and further the incarnations series by him as well. Dragon's Gold, Serpents Silver, and Chimera's Copper is a good one(3 separate books that are in one penultimate hardcover). The Discworld Series is another good one. That's about all I can name off the top of my head right now.

Sorry for not replying. Ive read all of david eddings (he is my fav!) and have tried the wheel of time, but didnt like it after the first 3 books. As for terry brooks. I do have the main trilogy but never read it, because I heard it was a shamles knock off of LOTR. Also I have read tons of Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance....Currently I'm on book to of a song of ice and fire. So far so good! Then I'm hoping to try enders game. Thanks for all the other suggestions though. I will keep them in mind.