Best fan controller

i have an h440. The h440 comes with a 10 port fan hub in the back, but it always runs the fans at 100%. i got the h440 because i wanted a silent case. However, this case is not silent with the included fan hub. most fan controllers use an optical drive slot, but i do not have an optical drive slot! so if you could help me find a fan controller that doesnt use an optical drive mount, i would be very appreciative. thanks.

Some motherboards have fan control software. If you don't have a fan control utility, try downloading fan control software. It will control the speed of the fans with the voltage supply from each fan header.

Voltage reducers - 7v, 5v etc. eBay or any tech store. They're just an extention that plugs into the end of the fan cable. Fans like that from Noctua and Noiseblocker come with them in the box so if you have a mate that has some spare... Or you can just mod each fan cable. Heres a guide >>

I use swiftech 8 way fan splitter and use speed fan to controll them, it only records one fan so if every fan is the same they should be uniform.