Best EQ for windows?

What is a good EQ that I can use? I want more bass out of my headphones for games and music.

Ive always used the EQ that usually is installed with the drivers for the chip/card (realtek or whatever)... I avoid using the EQ's which are found inside of audio players.

Id be interested in what alternative EQ for Windows there are so BUMP BUMP!
How ever I have my computer connected to 2x 280W stereo speakers and subs with prime cabling.

Please let us know peoples!

See the thing with that is I have a crappy build in sound card made by, wait for it, beats and the software that comes with it is trash, if you want to use an EQ you must start the program everytime you turn on the computer. I would prefer to use an alternative program.

Based off of what you have said I am guessing your running windows. It depends if you just want it in your media player (my recommendation) then you can use the default one and play with it a bit to get the sound you want. I recently started using ozone for winamp for my mobile and it compares to my dac setup at my desktop. If you want system wide I am sure a quick google search and 10 mins and you will find a decent one.

I don't have alot of money to spend though so I would rather use software.

Yep, im using Microsoft Windows 7, I have a lot of system ram to run my design programs quickly so it doesnt bother me to much if the standard audio program is running on start up.

I have tried using Ubuntu, was fun to play with but was just not very practical for what I use my computer for. Can anyone name some EQ software that I can basicly throw in my 'start up' folder which give me a little more flexibility then the standard Realtek one im using right now?

I prefer Windows to Mac for my designing (apple are overpriced and over hyped in my opinion), my computer bends over $4000 NZD dollar Macs and has its way with them when it comes to speed and efficiency (thats alot coming from a Graphic Designer who learnt and studied on Mac) lol

Virtual Audio Cable + Any parametric EQ VST - Electri-Q is a good one. Use minimum phase EQ and real measurements to judge EQ settings.

I would recommend Voicemeeter if you just want some basic tone controls. Also have some extra channels so could add mic and any voip programs on the other channels, the 'audibilty' control is better than eq for those uses. Full working program is free to try, but you should donate if you want to keep it

If you want more try stereotool. Free version should be way more than you would ever need

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