Best easy and fun programming language to learn?

Hello Everyone,

I’m a student who faces issues regarding deciding which programming language to learn? I went through PHP, Ruby, Javascript, Python Flash Firmware and couldn’t’ even decide yet which one to pick and keep learning. I keep giving up thinking that I will waste my time learn one over the other.

I started later with Ruby and people told me not to waste my time with it and it’s not worth it. can you please give me a fun and easy programming language that I can learn and enjoy?

Thanks guys.

Everyone has different preferences.

What did you like about each language? What did you dislike?

Also, learning to program isn’t so much about the language. You obviously have to deal with the syntax and rules and whatnot, but learning to program is more about teaching yourself to break down problems into smaller problems that can be solved with formal logic.


I usually learned all about web and understood how web development works. Then I saw other programming languages and thought maybe learning a programming language that can design apps for computers (Windows) or mobile Apps development is better. I’m really not sure which one to pick or where to start.

There’s really no straightforward answer to questions like these! That doesn’t mean you are asking a wrong question, though.

Python is widely used, and not terribly difficult to learn. I also like, and use, PERL. Frankly, I think PERL is special! But you could also try R, which is very useful for data analyses.

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What do you want to do with the language you learn? Different languages are better suited for different tasks and different environments.

If you’re looking to use the language in a career or to generate income then it makes sense to identify the languages popular in those areas.

If you want to learn a language for personal/academic reasons, then you’re free to focus on any.

I don’t think dabbling with and then rejecting any language is a waste of time. It is as important to learn what you do not enjoy, and what you lack an aptitude for, as it is to learn the opposite. And if you want to pursue programming professionally, experience with multiple languages and their strengths and weaknesses will pay off.

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I like your comment you are right maybe learning the multiple languages together will give me a better knowledge on how programming languages works and differ.