Best earbuds under 50 euros

Recently my previous earbuds broke and I am now looking for new earbuds under 50 euros/dollars. I would use them when I'm jogging or biking and stuff. I listen to metal, so whatever is considered good for metal would work with me.

I don't have much experience with audio equipment so I can't really tell what I'm looking for, other than I'd like them, to last me at least a year or so, they must have good audio and should look pretty "clean".


I personally use: Sennheiser OCX 686G SPORTS (OCX 686i SPORTS if you want iPhone compatibility).
And I really like the sound of them, only down side is that there is no microphone build in.

Xiaomi Piston Colorful Edition or Piston 3. Both sound alike - just make sure you get a genuine pair from gearbest or Banggood

Sounds better than a lot of $30-$40 items I've owned and it's dirt cheap.

meelectronics m6 "sport-fi" are like 13 euros, the m6 pros are 34 euros both are nice i have the pro's personally

Theres a pair of monoprice ones that go for around 10$ on amazon, I havnt checked if there any good for running, I was going to buy them for on my bike, for metal you want ones with decent mids, dont fall for ones that are marketed for extra bass.

Or get the Xiaomi Hybrids IEMs. Sound very clean a lot better than my Sennheiser CX 3.00 thats for sure but they require burn in time.

ps. My bloody bitch puppy chewed on the Xiaomis and back to using the Sennheiser D: at least they cost about 20 USD and would suggest getting from Banggood since I heard people not getting there stuff from Gearbest.

Hi Guys,

I've spent the last three weeks researching abour earbuds, due to the fact that I lost my Xiaomi Hybrids T.T The time I spent with them was good but I found them to be extremely bassy and not very tight, the dual armature drivers' base overpowered everything else (at least for my taste) I borrowed a pair of sennheiser 300 II and they were not very good either (IDK maybe I am too picky) finally I ended up picking a pair of Sonny 650 Because they were on sale (40€) to use at work and commute and a pair of Audio Technica ATH-SPORT3 to use at the gym or while running and I must say I am very happy with both. previously I had a pair of Monster iSport Strive which were very good for sports but they didn't isolate at all (very good for running inside a city because you will hear the cars approaching but not for noisy enviroments where you don't want to be listening to your surroundings)

The 650s are a bit bassy but the soundstage is good and the range is excelent, I use them with a bit of EQ to reduce the bass and create a more accurate response. plus they look great with the aluminium casing, they are amazingly light aswell.

The ATH are marvelous, sound quality is superb and they are sweat resistant (and that's what I needed) they won't fall while runnning or anything. So as an overall product I would be happy to use the Audio Technica ATH-SPORT3.(although they are big so won't wear them at the office)

I know that other earbuds are going to give you really good sound quality as well , If you want a hiden gem check the Soundmagic E10 on Amazon (40€) (i've not been able to listen to them myself but they say they are extremely good) ore the Brainwavz Delta this last are less than 20€

I hope it helps but sound quality is very subjective so try to listen to them before deciding.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I am probably going to get the SoundMagic E10s. Thought about the Braibnwavz Deltas aswell but they appear to brake quite easily. From what I have read the E10s have a balanced sound so they should fit my needs very nicely.

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