Best E-mail Client Solution 2017

Hey Community,

I feel as social media and software communication continues grows and evolve, I am still a fan of good old fashion e-mails. Currently I used 3 different e-mail addresses an old Hotmail and other Gmail accounts. It's not hard to manage but I am strongly considering consolidating all my e-mail together.

The problem stems from the fact the my Hotmail account is literally a junk account used to subscribe or sign up for services I know are going to sell my information. Meanwhile the Gmail accounts are either personal or business related, I would.

I have stripped windows 10 down to the bare bones and no longer have the store installed, I am looking for app that is good at sending instant notifications and can sync with all 3 of my accounts. If there isn't a well made app that does this well, I would be open to the possibility of other solutions.

Please be aware that I have tried INKY, MAILBIRD, and ETC... They're okay but I looking for something better if possible.

Thank you,
Age (aka) TortoiseHelmet

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Give thunderbolt a try. What they don't have in the program itself can be augmented with extensions.


I've yet to see an email interface better than Gmail's web interface.

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Gmail does have an option to integrate all my outlook mail into my primary inbox... My problem is like the segregation of the different e-mail inboxes but just want program where I can easily switch between them, if that makes sense.

I have been using Thunderbird all this time, web mail is OK but I like to have all my emails at least archived locally. It's not like I think Google is going to go anywhere soon. You just don't know, they have pulled the plug on other projects. Thunderbird is getting a little long in the tooth now. It looks very old and I guess it would look quite out of place on Windows 10.

It looks like Mozilla is going to give Thunderbird the chop, so a lot of Linux users will also be looking for a decent e-mail client.

Years later I can say I actually really enjoy outlooks web client, google would be a close 2nd. I didn’t think desktop clients would become as absolute as they are, but really was not able to find one that didn’t come with a host of issues. Even those that were electron/chromium based.