Best DVD Ripping Software?

Ive been searching for a good peice of software to do this for ages, so any help you guys give me would be awesome!

I have used the WinX DVD ripper both free and the paid one, but i always find that the audio is never quite in sync with the film and that just annoys the hell out of me. so if u guys know of any good software that would do it it would be great.

I would prefer a free solution, but i dont mind paying if it is a really good peice of software, as i have a awefull lot of DVDs to put onto my computer.

I like cucusoft.  You do have to pay and if you go with this get the Ultimate Suite.  Use code LKSTHNKU for 20% off.  I have used for many years and it has always been great and frequently updates so good support that way.

Make.MKV is the best, hands down.

Never heard of Make.mkv is it free?  I'll have to check it out.

Yes, it's free.

If you want to rip DVDs Handbrake with libdvdcss.dll is easy and simple.

If you want rip Blu-rays as well DVDFab HD Decrryptor is the only completely free option that I know, excluding trials.

Make.MKV does Blurays.


Agree with Brennan, Make MKV to RIP, Handbrake to re-encode ripped files if you want to save HDD space.

Re-encoding is for pansies. 17GB+ per movie, no big deal.


Yeah makemkv does do blu rays but i saw that it is free with limited functionality. What exactly is limited?


Thanks, i did try this software, but it has some very odd results, the converted video would drop loads of frames, and the quality wasn't amazing. i don't know what you do but it didn't work for me. i have got a way of doing it now though.


Yep, i now agree it worked perfectly for me, and coupled with handbrake it just worked brilliantly. thanks for the suggestion this has solved my DVD problem


It's not really a big deal. I have 5+2 TB of usable space and I am willing to expand when needed. Hard drives aren't that expensive anymore.

Hmmmm I am sorry it didn't work out.  Perhaps I am not sensitive to some dropped frames.  I haven't used it super recently so it could be a glitchy release but it has always been solid for me.