Best distro for a noob


So as SteamOS is going linux and I've been interested in Linux for years,
I wanted to start getting used to linux more but I have some very minor experience.
I've worked with openSUSE a bit couple years ago also have tried Ubuntu 12.4 at some point.

So my question is: "What's the best Linux distro for a noob?"

Linux Mint, it doesnt have all the crapware that Ubuntu has, and its still simple to use :) Have a look :)

Ok sounds good I'll go try it out thanks :)

Mint, Manjaro, Sabayon, and OpenSuse are all pretty noob friendly AND good at the same time.

#! is a great option for a lightweight intro distro. Or, you could check out my Arch installation guide, and get your feet really wet :)

Zorin OS

elementary os is nice albiet a mac os ripoff (built off of ubuntu)

Oh shit, Crunchbang still exists? I almost forgot about that.

I'd have to second that recommendation. I used it a lot in my earlier Linux days (4-5 years ago). I stopped using it when they stopped bundling Xfce with it, but that shouldn't bother someone who isn't already religious about their desktop environment.

You better not be dissing Openbox.

+1 Zorin OS, you can change the GUI very easily to whatever you like so you can make it more or less linux like depending on how you like it

Nah, my switching away from #! was less because of Openbox and more because they were based on Debian stable right before I got a new laptop with new hardware. My new stuff wasn't supported, so I used Xubuntu at first, then switched to Mint (Xfce version, of course) sometime shortly after.

Openbox isn't bad at all, I just use what I'm used to.

Edit: Now that you mention it, I might have to fire up #! on my crappy old netbook. Right now it runs Mint, but it doesn't have screen space for my usual Xfce panel setup anyway. Also, it's slow as balls and could always use something lighter.


Wow so many Distro's I've never heard of haha.

I guess I have much to investigate, thanks guys!

I am currently using lubuntu on my old machine which I revived using linux. I really like and I am still a linux noob and lubuntu has a good desktop interface and is very user friendly in my opinion. One thing you need if you get lubuntu is a app launcher such as Synapse. Once you get synapse, you are golden.

Zorin OS is great for a noob. I sent my fiancee a laptop with Zorin installed and she figured it out right away. If you download the ultimate edition you get a few different desktop environments with it. If my memory serves me correctly you get a few different Windows themes XP,7,etc a Mac theme, a Gnome 2 theme, and a Unity(Ubuntu) style theme. 

Zorin OS so far my favorite.

Looks great, better then windows tbh.