Best Device router / Firewall for VLAN's

Best Device router / Firewall for VLAN’s

I’m looking for a router that supports VLAN’s

I currently have a ASUS RT-AC68U, which dose not have VLAN support. Because of this I’m looking in to get a device which which has VLAN support, and will work along with the Asus Router.

I have found some devices and wonder if they are any good or if anyone recommends anything else.

The Idea is to have 3 VLAN’s.

VLAN 2 = Main Vlan - for Laptops Phones ect
VLAN 3 = Server Vlan - for my DC and Ubuntu Server
VLAN 4 = Test Vlan - for playing around with network equipment

I don’t know about the stock firmware, but you can create VLANs on the rt-ac68u with Merlin firmware. However it must all be configured in the CLI.

Openwrt can also do VLANs so long as the switch in the hardware supports it (look up their hardware table). But if you don’t want to use non stock firmware then something like the ubiquiti routers would probably be a good option (though I have no experience with them).

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Im am leaning to open source routers for safety / security now. BUT if you have some closed source DSL or ADSL etc modem beyond that it can still be owned your semi fucked anyway. Man in the middle.

All these devices with non patched code are getting owned.

You could build a pfSense router and get a Netgear GS108Ev3. Put your ASUS RT-AC68U into use as a wireless access point. That will give you the option for all those VLANS if you wish.


I haven’t done it myself, but you could get one of those fanless multi-NIC PCs off ebay or aliexpress and put pfSense on it. I looked into it when I was working on a couple projects, but the cost was over budget. If you don’t mind the price it looks like a great way to go about creating a nice firewall/router.

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Just need to check to see if it supports trunking.

Is they any documentation on configuring the VLAN’s via the CLI?

No, just forum posts, but it all seems pretty easy to do.

not sure openwrt would work with ac68u… dd-wrt might work fine and should have some vlan settings in the webui allowing you to pick which VLANs are present on which ports, and if they’re tagged or untagged.

i’ve never used merlin, browsing around, it looks the same as dd-wrt on the command line.

RB750Gr3 would work too.
USG would work as well.

totally agree, was going to say the same thing…i built a pfsense router out of some old hp I bought for $25 with a core2duo e6300 and 2gb of ram and have it connected to 87mbps VDSL, a Gbe switch, and an old Huawei vodafone router being used as a wireless AP…
i get full gigabit speeds throughout my home network since everything is gigabit and i get about 85mbps from my VDSL provider here in Turkey…
i dont have any VLANs setup (I just don’t think I really need them at the moment) but I do have snort, squid transparent proxy, lightsquid, pfblockerng, and a few other services active that i cant think of at the moment
i have an ubuntu server on my LAN as a NAS with plex also installed and it works flawlessly (now that i set it up correctly, FINALLY)
i would really suggest it, you might even have hardware that would work with it right now and its just totally worth it…

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Thanks, found some information on how to make VLAN’s. However is it possible to make a Trunk on the ASUS Merlin firmware?

I currently have a NETGEAR GS716T Smart Switch in a different room to my router and would like to setup a trunk between the two devices.

I like the idea of a pfSense router but dont have the room for one at the moment.