Best "Cracking/Hacking" OS?

I've been looking into "cracking/hacking" and I've been stumbling around some highly regarded Linux-based OS's like Backtrack 5 and Backbox. I'm new to this type of thing and just want to get started with it. For nothing bad but hardware is kinda getting boring, just looking for something new. If you guys could help me out getting something user friendly and simple, it would be great. Thanks guys.

Backtrack 5 is great, it's just hard to find tutorials for it. But, if you love figuring things out, it's for you.


Awesome, i'll try that out! If anything I will just download both and see what I like better.

Backtrack 5 seems to be better appealed by the public, but you're welcome.

Kali Linux just came out, which is developed by the Offensive Security as well.

Myeah, Backtrack/Kali is the stuff for hacking, but as an OS in general it's below decent. A recommendation would be to just learn to use Linux in general, and once you're on a decent level of Linux Usage just to browse the web for particular hacking techniques and download/develop software or scripts for particular hacking methods. Backtrack/Kali is overdosed with tools that you won't probably use. I'm running a Fedora on my netbook with a dozen or so tools that I've used and it handles far better than Backtrack does, since it's not a OS designed for everyday use.

Install Pentoo.

Install Gentoo. Backtrack 5 is for skiddies, Just look at the title on their webpage man.

> Implying that everyone using Kali or Backtrack is a script kiddie.

Funny. Also, another thing you may consider looking into if you have a 8 Gig or so flash drive is the USB Katana. You can find the 3.0 Beta out there in torrent form (Search on Hak5) or build your own. Personally the Katana has everything I could ever want for a quicker deployment, just be sure to keep a second flash drive to hold payloads, wordlists and whatnot if you go that route. 

If you do plan on installing the OS and using it as a primary, definitely get something else, but for a live environment most of what has been listed here is suitable. 

I would say BackTrack is my personal favorite.  There's plenty of tutorial content out there, but it's not so much about using the keyword backtrack in your search.  If you're having trouble with that, try using the generic term "linux" or something of the sort.

Good for learning.

Upvoting Backtrack5 here.

I'm simply curious but what makes an operating system better or worse for cracking?

Objectively nothing honestly,

Although Linux has more developers interested in the task and FreeBSD as far as I know can port most tools. (Some one correct me if I'm wrong my BSD experience is lacking)

Main reason people use Backtrack or Pentoo or something similar is the tools come pre-installed, if though sometimes out of date.

Most skiddies don't know how to compile form source anyways, and on the flip side most people don't want to set up their own OS for thumb drives.

Backtrack 5 and some others, are perfect for the task.  Also for learning, and sometimes a busy schedual for info-sec students, having distro's like Backtrack around make learning easier.  Simply because you spend less time getting your tools and OS in order and more time on your school work.

Yeah, I downloaed BT5 and it seemed very hard to use. Then again, I know nothing about this type of stuff. Mainly I just wanted to know how to crack wep codes...


adey johnson did a tutorial on wifi password cracking

Thanks. I'll read it later.

The wireless adapter I recommended in the other thread goes well with BT5 WEP cracking.

Make sure you know which chip is inside the wireless adapter and check for support online (quick google).

Do not get into crack it's highly addictive. I know, I'm addicted.