Best cpu for the money when gaming

I am in the process of picking parts for my new gaming pc. I am going to start by picking the cpu/mobo to build the system around.  I started to look at the i7-4770, but it seems that spending that much money on a cpu wont help me get any better fps in games. So my question, what is the best cpu for gaming, that isn't overkill? I want to be able to play everything on full, and get the best fps I can.

I'm looking at the 3570k but I cant find a straight forward answer.

budget for computer? what games will you play?

budget is what ever it costs. I have the money for whatever I end up picking. I want it to be really good at playing games, but I don't want to waste money buying overkill. My current pc doesnt run anything new, so I dont know what I will end up playing. I want it to run the newest taxing game very very well.

AMD Fx-8350. Its proven to be faster than the I5 3570k for less than the cost of an I5. Also your looking at old benchmarks about the 3570k because that's the old standard gaming cpu. It has had a replacement I5 known as the 4670k which is still slower than the 8350 in gaming.

I'd go with the FX-8350 or the FX-8320. Both are incredibly fast. Overclock well. Fairly cheap (8320 is a slightly better value I'd say) and perform other productivity tasks very well. 

The FX-6300 is also very good as well. 

Most games don't need that much CPU power, especially if gaming at 1080p or below, so put more money into the GPU. 

If money is no object just pick up that hawell i7 you will be set for years to come.

Just need to pick a case you like, power supply and whatever video card you want. :D

The fx 8320 and fx 6300 are probably the best cpus for your dollar(from a general viewpoint). But to make the best choice especially at the 3570k, 4670k, and 8350 range of cpus you are looking at coopermans questions are important.  An fx 8350 for instance will give you 10-20% greater multi-threaded performance then the i5s but in single threaded scenarios the i5 has about a 45% advantage. Which is more important depends on what you do/play.

If you want both and are willing to fork out the dough just get the i7.

I guess what I am looking at, is weather the difference between an i7 and the 8350 be felt while gaming. I could get a $400-600 gpu and not have to worry about bottle necking, right?

It really depends on how good of a gpu you are planning on getting and if you are going to be playing games that are largely cpu bound or not. With something like a 780 (~$500), you should be fine with an i5/8320/8350. I would probably go with Intel as you are looking at spending a lot of money, and that leaves the door open to getting an i7 in the future if it ever becomes necessary.

depends on the games you like to play AMD is good for budget conscious gamers but if you mostly play game that have terrible cpu core threading the i5/i7 cpu's are king games like RTS games walking simulators like dayz (rome total war is coded for a single cpu core!) perform terribly on AMD chips due to much lower single core/thread perfomance game's that like multi core cpus the AMD is on par with the best of the intel cpu's.

Bang for you buck processor? FX6300/6350  (these parts are amazing for the money and can OC very well)

Best overall? FX8350 // i5 3570k or 4670k

OverKill performance for gaming? i7 4770k and up

(infact all these parts can OC pretty well wit proper cooling)

What Graphic card do you plan to buy? Because if you are looking at getting a GTX760 type card then spenind the extra $120ish on an i7 is stupid, you're better getting a better gpu and a slightly worse cpu because games are gpu based.

i feel the 8320/8350 is a great choice while cooperman is right that on some games intel is better but i feel the headroom you get for multi threaded application's like video rendering or streaming far outways the 5-10 fps boost (i hear that's how much fps you would gain with the i5 but don't quote me on that) you would receive on some games. That's my opinion if you feel the 10 fps boost is worth the 20-35$ then go for it but i still think the best cpu "FOR THE MONEY" is the 8350.


For gaming there is absolutely no difference between the i5 and i7. Make your decision between the FX series and an i5.

I would go for the FX-8350 because I use linux and it has similar performance as the Haswell i7 on linux, making it an amazing value.

I own fx6300/8320/8350 and 3570k.

Dont get an fx6300, its bad in multithreaded games... You'll regret....

If youre concerned about noise, get intel!!!

I have all my amd chips running an evo212 with noctua fans and even in a define r4 case, i still hear a light/faint humming sound. With stock fan it seems like you have a small vaccum in your case.

My 3570k with an evo212 and noctua is dead silent.

*both run at stock speeds*

8350 > 3560k when i have alot alot of apps running. 3570k tends to get laggy when lots of apps are running in the background.

Why not the FX6300?

also- It doesn't matter the chip under the cooler. They sound the exact same at the same rpm.

Ya, not sure what you are trying to get at, from my knowledge the chips themselves don't make any vacuum noise, im running an 8320 on a noctua and its no louder than my 2500k?

But the Intel cpus tend to put out less heat overall, so the fans don't need to spin up to high rpms whereas they do with the AMD cpus.

too many variables to make a structured argument.

let's not change this thread.

Not necessarily. The Haswells and even IVB did tend to get really hot. My 3570k ran hotter than my 8350 did.