Best CPU for me?

So I was wondering what CPU I should buy, I spend most of my time on my PC playing games, I have around £150 to spend on a new CPU, which is the equivalent to $233.37, I want a CPU that will be great for games, and possibly streaming, as its something I may get in to, if you have any good ones you would reccomend let me know, either AMD or Intel is fine, thankyou,

what do you have now?

If that's just for the CPU alone the i5 4690k. Be aware you need a new board and may need new RAM. In some cases a new GPU may be more beneficial.

£150 is in the i5 ball park, and that would be my personal preference. But you might consider an AMD octacore; good for streaming, reportedly.

If he has an AM3+ motherboard a 8350 will be better for streaming do to more cores. If he has an intel 1150 socket motherboard, go with the i5.

@charliechunders What type of heatsink are you using as well? Using a stock heatsink will not beneficial if you get a i5 or an eight core amd.

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I have an AM3 Socket motherboard for those wondering, forgot to include that.

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A octacore is only partially good for streaming, depends on the game. But probably better than an i5, if you are willing to sacrifice a little on the CPU side.

Good thing you added the AM3 part... because you can't exactly say "either an AM or Intel" unless you want to get a mobo with it. But because it is an AM3... I'd honestly just upgrade both the CPU and mobo, there is nothing good to get anymore, besides the two/four cores that can be OCed pretty well.


WTF?? Seriously.

What AM3 board? - make & model + as mentioned your current cpu...
eg. shit board (eg 760g chipset based) + high end cpu (8350 would your budget could accomodate) = disaster.

I have done some research, but apparently a really good motherboard isnt really needed, the only reason they increase in price is due to more slots for graphics cards etc. also the higher end motherboards may be better for overclocking, which probably will not be something I will be doing

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That's completely untrue. A bad motherboard can lead to your build breaking down due to high temperatures and bad power delivery to your processor. What board is it?

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And this is a case where your motherboard can't safely support a 8350 long term. That board is a lower end unit incapable of running a power hungry part like an 8350. We used to see cases all the time where this board and others like it would burn because the heat was too much for them. I remember seeing burned spots on the backside of one of these boards that wasn't strong enough for an 8350.

so would you suggest I get a better motherboard before upgrading cpu?


The best option imo by far is a xeon 123v3.

The only other options are an 8350, which is good for streaming, but worse for gaming, or an i5 4460 which is good for gaming, but not as good for streaming.

depending on you ussage.
If its mainaly gaming then an Haswell i5 is the best option obviously.
With an i5 you can use Qsync for streaming.

But if you can afford something like the Xeon E3-1231-V3 with a cheap H97 board, then i would go for that.

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I can personally attest to the AMD FX Octocores being great for streaming. I also had no problems gaming with a bulldozer. it was an 8120 so the newer 8320/8350/etc are much better than my old chip.
Why buy a server processor if you are gaming and streaming?

Here is an FX 8120 and a 970 socket board which is within your budget and will do you just fine.