Best CPU for a GTX 970 Super Clocked acx 2.0?

I have a friend who has a crazy ( Or to some of you a normal budget ) $1500.00 budget build , and he wanted me to help him find good parts for this budget..

He gave me a specefic list of parts that he would like to have in the build, as in it MUST have these parts again not my choice but his..

Anyway these required parts are

  • Intel i7 5820K
  • Evga GTX 970 Super Clocked acx 2.0
  • DDR 4 16GB 2400 Mhz

Now I came here mainly because I became paranoid that the CPU that he wanted would cause a bottle neck effect with the GPU, mainly because of the good old classic GPU_Price = CPU_Price * 2.5 Equation , plus the fact I saw a benchmark of this said GPU with a build using an Intel i7 4790K Model..

Here is the part list so Far...

5820k beats any mainstream chip when its overclocked to the 4.2-4.4 range (which isn't hard at all)

Also I really suggest avoiding windows 10, and please do get it from another source (winkwink)
SSD is a must really as well.

What is he using this pc for, video editing or gaming? or both?

I imagine gaming but again I don't' think I will be able to convince him to get something more suitable for his actual needs..
Unless it will cause a bottle neck effect that is..

He told him he doesn't want to spend money on a SSD , I may be able to get a Hybrid instead..

I feel like you can go a little cheaper on the parts but overall I think that It isn't that bad of a build.

Cough cough Linux Cough cough Oh I feel so sick today.

Joke aside if he doesn't want to do a huge amount of gaming then there are alternatives to pretty much everything on Linux.

Pretty much any haswell or skylake i5 cpu wont bottleneck a 970.

Just a suggestion.

For gaming i7 6700k, preforns better in gaming. Now for video editing, 5820k is the way to go

I'm in Programming I with the guy, he gets angry so easily I doubt he can handle Linux even with the the more friendly Interface X)

On games limited to that number of cores, yeah, shame no game limited to 4 cores uses so much CPU.
Its literally core 2 duo vs core 2 quad all over again.
There is literally no reason to go with 6700k over a 5820k, the prices are so similar.

I'll see if he will be willing , also on a side note is there any easy way to determine a motherboard has enough connectors for all of the LEDs and such?

I don't really think that he will have that much of an issue especially with the different environments he can choose from XD Who knows. I am too much of a Linux fanboy.

Could you Suggest any non Liquid cooler that would be better?

I don't think there is any none voodoo air cooling unit that beats a dual rad 120mm.
Any issue with watercooling?

Just that I'm still new to building and even with this pre-built water cooler , I still have concerns of something..going horribly leakage ..

Leaking watercoolers is pretty very extremely rare unless you literally run around the house throwing it at walls before you install it.

But you can go with one of the massive air coolers, they're not much different in terms of performance, and if you're a new system builder you're unlikely to overclock so much you're going to need that much cooling anyway.