Best CPU cooler?

Ok, I have a FX 8350, with corsair vengeance ram ( and I'm going to be upgrading my mobo to either a m5a99fx or sabertooth 990fx. Its all gonna be in a nzxt source 210 case. So I just wanted to know what would be the best cpu cooler for this set up.

Do you have a price range?

not really, I want it to last... I will upgrade the cpu if amd keeps doing the fx/ am3+ line... So I will probably reuse the cooler if I upgrade

The best performing air cooler is probably the Noctua NH-D 14. It is, however, pretty damn big so make sure to check their compatibility lists for your RAM and see if you can fit it in your case. Noctua have also shown great support for this cooler, shipping people new mounting brackets when the 2011 socket came out for free. So you will probably be able to use it for many generations of mobos and CPUs. It is a bit expensive but one of the best you can get in terms of quietness and performance.

The aforementioned Noctua NH D14 is a great cooler. Here's some excellent alternatives...

NZXT Havik 140

Phanteks PH-TC14PE

I picked up the Havik 140 on sale for less than $40 on Amazon. Excellent cooler for the money. My 3570K @ 4GHz doesn't exceed 60*C at full load.

It looks like it wont fit with my ram... :/ I'm thinking I should just get a h80i, and slap some nf-f12's on it

That's why I went for low profile RAM ^^ If I remember correctly you can take off these tall heatspreaders and replace them (those extremely high heatspreaders are more of a design thing anyway) but this will probably void your warranty. It's a shame since the noctua NH-D 14 is a really nice CPU cooler.

I personally would stay away from closed loop water cooling since the performance is usually subpar for the price. But it's your choice of course. The h80i will definitely perform better than any stock cooler, but it definitely isn't your best bang for the buck. Maybe look for another high end air cooler that isn't as ridiculous as the NH-D 14.

I had one of these on my Intel I7 and it was pretty awesome.

I ended up switching to an AMD FX-8350 because I wanted a new mobo and when I did this I installed a CoolerMaster Seidon 240mm closed loop and I have been very happy with it as well.

my vote is for either Noctua or Phanteks

I'll see if I can just return it to the store... Because that's the cooler I really want.

does anyone have experience with the Cooler Master GeminII S524 (full size version)?

I don't think a hyper 212 evo will fit in my case and it looks like a good alternative

Best aircooler: Noctua NH-D14, cools my AMD Fx 6300 great and they will send you new brackets when a socket comes out for free. 

Best Watercooler: Swiftech H220/Cooler Master Glacer 240.  The reason I like these over something like the corsair H100i is that they are expandable and have more options.  The swiftech is hard to find in the states because they are banned for sale.  The cooler master is basically the same though.  

LN2 is also nice.  :p


Tou can remove the RAM heatsinks .I have the blue 8 gb version and i removed them . They're useles and are only there for looks .


Do you know if this ram will fit with the nh-d14?

As long as the heatspreaders aren't taller than 44mm it will fit. I can't find the height on those though :/ You could just use the low profile corsair RAM or you could remove the heatspreaders on your ram and replace them with smaller ones (like some other users already told you, they're mostly for show) Just check the compatibility list on the noctua website if you want to be 100% sure, but as I said anything <44mm should fit.