Best Cooling Option for OC FX8350

Im going to try and OC my FX 8350 on my new build, hopefully to around 5.0 GHz. I have an ASUS Sabertooth 990FX MOBO, and I'm just wondering what the best cooling option would be for this CPU. My budget for cooling is around $100, but i have my eye on the kraken x60, if its really worth it i could push my budget a little.

What case do you have?

Rosewill Thor v2

Very nice case. I'd get this

do you think it would be worth it to get the x60 or is it just a waste of 40 bucks

Definitely go with the NZXT Kraken X60. It's the best cooler on the market right now unless you want to do a custom water loop. According to NZXT's compatibility chart, it should fit in the top of the case with ease.

^^^ This. 

Cant say myself, but i have a 120mm Radiator for my water cooler and even prime95 cant get my 8350 @4.4ghz past 34-36'C.

(Im using a corsair H80i)

Generally, you get the largest water cooler your case can hold, they just preform better.

Word, i think im gonna go with that then, ill post a follow up after my build. thanks guys!

Wait, what are you going with?

Well yeah, the H80i performs similarly to the H100i just because it has a thicker radiator. The Kraken X60 should perform even better under load because it has more surface area.

im going to do the x60

Another thing I would do to help cooling even more is use every fan slot available on your case and get the highest RPM fans for every slot. That will help alot.

Right on, any fans you would suggest?

Front 230mm fan- Leave stock all 230mm fans are the same rpm which is 900.

Rear 140mm fan-

Top two 120mm fans and side four 120mm fans and 1 120mm bottom fan- get 7 of these


That should be one hella loud case but with some ridiculous airflow! 



nice im going to look into that