Best Containerization Program to run beside QEMU/KVM?

I want to run my and my wife’s desktop off a TR 1950x. On the same machine I want to run a bunch of servers in a containers along side the virtualised desktops. Are there any containerization programs that play nicely with fedora/qemu/kvm?

I was wanting to try docker, because I’m lazy and would like to have all the containers set up for me already, but I have no idea how nicely it will play with qemu.

Thanks for your advice

I may be missing your total goal but you can run docker or lxd containers without worrying about kvm/qemu. You can use virt-managet to manage both your kvm VM and also lxc containers.

No, I think you got my point. I want to run them side by side and am worried about things not playing nicely together. I see that you had a thread about lxc on fedora last year, do you recommend lxc after working on it?

Yes use lxd for the management of lxc. I am realrking my servers lately and have not been able dive fully into the changes but they have done a lot of work and they are great. Hell setup a docker for a few single applications you may run and learn it to.
I will point out that I stuck with managing lxd/lxc from command line. I try to stick with command line for when I am learning stuff to ensure I get a better grasp of it.

Since you’re on Fedora there’s also SELinux sandboxes fyi :wink:

Also if you just want to run multiple -different- services then those processes run in their own domains by default so you don’t need to manually isolate them.

Or are you looking to run multiple instances of the same process?