Best Compact Speakers


I know nothing about speakers and all that stuff and i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what i should buy.

I would use them for music mainly as i game with my headset.

Pricerange would be 0-175$ 

Get these:

No not bose, they are like beats for being overpriced imo

And bose imo are only good for classical

Audioengine A2s $199, but worth it

Best speakers at that price, imo are

Idk if you want a sub though.



My rant about bose (I cant help it)

Also those klipsch have been around for many years for a reason. I would never recommend bose, unless you want good car speakers, but there are lots of better options.

For bose noise canceling, the audio technica anc headphones have much superior audio quality, with only a few less db of anc,

For speakers those klipsch speakers I linked (correct me if I am wrong) have been around at least twice as long as those bose, and real audiophiles never get bose, its a joke compared to other companies at their price range.

Also if you dont know, Bose's unofficialmotto is 

Bring Other Sound Equipment

Bose used to be much better, but they are down with monster now at the most overpriced products list. They look good with macs, and I am starting to think, they are making the new bose speakers for (ignorant mac buyers) imac purchasers to make them buy "hipster looking" products. Dont get me wrong, a lot of mace users arent ignorant, but the fanboys and ones that are, are really stupid when it comes to getting ripped off.

If you havent noticed by now, I really dislike bose.

This is all my personal opinions and ranting.

If you like bose start a thread, I would be happy to debate politely in a civilized manner.

Is it 200$ for 1 or 2 speakers because my budget is 175 per speaker. I don't need a sup tho.

Here is what i found so far DALI ZENSOR 1

I guess they are much cheaper in my country they are around 175 in Denmark

BOSE ARE SHIT! From their car audio (worst of the bose range) to their home theater (sorry to Bose fans) but yea you are paying for the name. Granted they have some nifty speaker setups if  u have the right amp but thats in the higher thousands. My dad has those Bose speakers in the second link in the room above me. 0 bass, hissing treble, high mids, 0 soundstage, and the sound density is almost non existant (like listening to ipod headphones).

Ive heard way better out of 50 dollar logitech 2.1 setups. And considering your using the speakers for music i would recomend a 2.1. Stereos can have 3d sound and can throw sounds around mimicking a 5.1 so i dont mind stereo for movies as well but keep in mind speaker position makes all the difference. And since your buying half the speakers with a 2.1 you can put the extra money into quality. When you have a full range speaker especially "pc" size you will distort the sounds alot easier because the other speakers cant deal with the exessive air movment and vibration from the sub in the same enclosure so i highly recomend 2.1.

The speakers above posted by Gondermann would be great... with a small sub. I say this because the speaker only handles 53hz (we can hear 20hz-20000hz, 20hz being hardly heard but rather felt) 53hz seems rather high you will be missing some sound from your music/movies.  Kilpsch are true audiophile grade you cant go wrong. And I don't know if you heard of princess auto or if there is one in your area but they sell monster cables for 10 bucks (they buy what retailers cant sell in bulk for cheap). 

Hopefully this info will help you pick what will work for you. And if you dont get a sub make sure the speaker is at least in the 30hz bottom range.

+1 for the Klipsch Pro. However, CrymsonRyoka, for the love of all that is holy, please, Please, PLEASE stop typing with little to no punctuation, capitalization, and stop putting "imo" everywhere. We already know the post is 'in your opinion,' you don't need to remind us in shorthand after every sentence.

I'm a bit of an audio nut, so I have quite a bit of audio periphery, including pro audio interfaces and studio monitors. I have small Genelec studio monitors that are really great sounding and compact, midsized Adam studio monitors that are just incredible, and larger Focal monitors that are stunning, but for media or games, I don't normally use them, because they sound too agressive for a relaxing listening experience and I also tend to turn up the volume too loud when using them. So I only use them for studio and music production work (I do session work for smaller bands and for broadcast/advertising, mostly electric/spanish guitars and medieval/renaissance instruments).

What I do for media enjoyment is the following: I use two pairs of speakers, one is the Creative GigaWorks T20 set, which is not expensive and has a very defined and direct sound that is still warm because of the glassfiber midrange driver and the silk dome tweeter, but not a lot of deep bass, and the other is the Logitech X230 2.1 set, which is cheap, not hifi at all, but has not much midrange response so it doesn't screw up the sound balance and it has good deep bass if the subwoofer is turned all the way down, and it has a nice Apollito-like treble spread for a dimensional sound, and very direct treble because of the aluminium drivers with hard coneiform dustcaps. Then I control the volume of both sets to get the overall sound balance that I want, if I want more soundstaging and definition, I turn up the T20's higher than the logitechs, and when I need bass and spread, I turn up the x230's louder than the creatives. They are both connected to a splitter that is connected to the RCA outs of my X-Fi soundcard, which I use for compressed audio sources. I like that solution because it's flexible and adaptable, so I don't have to compromise.

Think i'm gonna go with the Dali Zensor 1, and maybe buy a cheap sub later.

Thanks for all of the help btw :D

guys i was hoping for something in the 20$ range <3