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Best compact/high quality audio format?


For my master collection archive, it's FLAC.

For portable devices... it depends. I used to use MP3 because everything supported it, but when I got an iPhone, I re-ripped to AAC.

When I switch to Android, I'll probably go with ogg/vorbis for portable devices. Or I might use FLAC. Not sure - I don't know what is supported.


If you've got the space on your phone, just use flac. Its supported by just about every Android phone (even my blackberry z10 could play flac i think)

Overall, I think ill see if opus is supported by all my applications and if it is, I'll see if the the difference in file size (when compared to Vorbis) stays small enough. If thats the case, I'll use it


The difference stayed really low (as expected). Only problem is that my phone cant use a opus files as ringtones. Vorbis it is then


PSA to people wanting to use opus on Android:
Don't do it, I just found out that very few audio players on android actually support it. Im just gonna use vorbis


Foobar2000 on Android plays Opus fine for me. Before Foobar2000 was available I used Neutron Music Player with Opus. I haven't really tried many other players on Android.


The problem is last time I tried foobar2000 on Android, it was pretty awful. Has it improved? Btw, poweramp plays opus as well, but its been a crashing piece of shit lately (both the alpha and stable versions)


I've switched from using 320kbps MP3 to 384kbps AAC. Pretty much indistinguishable from FLAC, in my opinion. Plus it has nearly the same device support as MP3.


I use 320kbps MP3, stock droid player

I used to use FLAC, my library is not that big. But I moved to an OP3T which doesn't have an SD card

AAC I find to be right about where you would expect for it's file size. Nothing wrong with that either. More depends on your space needs IMO.

Out of curiosity why are people using anything but the stock player? After winamp died I just never picked a new one, they all have nice lock screen widgets now which is about all I need out of a player beyond the most basic of functions.


My reasons for using anything but the stock player are probably different from most others. Ever since I got this phone, I've always problems with audio players not putting tracks in the right order (they sometimes ordered them alphabetically, sometimes in the proper order. This happened even though a specified the order in the meta tags) . The only players who dont have this issue on my phone are poweramp and foobar2000 (weirdly enough, this wasnt a problem on my previous phones with the same files). Other than this, players like the stock miui player or Google play music are quite excellent, while delivering a much prettier gui


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