Best command to backup Steam games

This the command I have with Grsync: rsync -r -n -t -p -o -g -v --progress --delete --size-only -s /home/pyro/.steam/steam/steamapps/. /run/media/pyro/home/Games/Steam/.

But I think it’s leaving files. Should I go and do?: cp -vaur

I think ‘U’ is for update but don’t know how it works. Any help appreciated. TY

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I’m a little confused, why do you want to back up the games? You can always redownload them, right?

Generally just re-download them or use the backup tool within the Steam client. There are shared libraries that wouldn’t be included if you just copy the install directory. I believe there is some games that also download different binaries based on the version of the OS.

If you are concerned about installing it on multiple machines quickly, take a look into a LAN cache.

The shared libraries aren’t an issue because if you uninstall the game and then copy the backup files back to the library directory, Steam will recognize any existing files and then redownload any missing files which includes the libraries. At least that’s how it worked when I did it in the past. Nowadays I just use Lancache and don’t think about it.