Best combination of internals for $300 or lower

I need a new Computer and already have a case and psu and just need the internal parts.

I am guessing I will have about $300 by the time I am ready to purchase this.

It will be used for;

-Some times running a minecraftserver


-Games like Skyrim, Minecraft, Games based on the source engine, and GTA

-Surfing the interbutts

-Possibly some basic video editing

It will be running Debian minimal and possibly dual booting windows 7 untill better game support.


watts the powersupply wattages

Pretty low budget but something like this perhaps?

That's A Very Tight Budget, I Dont Know What I Would Do with That, Spittis' build looks like it may work.

I forgot to say it has to by a micro atx board

This is what you'll want to do, wait a week till black friday, should be able to get the price under $300 then.

Notice the HDD doesn't have a price