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Best Chiptune?

I'm sure at least a few of you like chiptune, so I gotta ask: what is you're favorite songs?

Mine are all from the Commodore 64:

Last Ninja 2: Central Park OST:


All You Know Is Wrong, Fanta:


Agent X II, Level 1:

Zweihander duh

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well other than Zweihander of course.

Anamanaguchi! Endless Fantasy Album!


This. I would say are a great mix of rock and chiptunes, I wouldn't say they are pure chiptunes though.

If you are gonna check them out listen to "meow". It's their first song i listened it's definitely a very fun video. They also made the soundtrack to the Scott Pilgrim vs the world game. 

Anyway, check them out!!!

That's why I like it because their creativity isn't caged by pure 8bit restrictions here. Sticking to pure 8bit where it's nothing but treble is fatiguing and boring.

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megaman 2 OST

Remixes are cool and all, but there's so much great music straight from the C64 games. One might simply add some equalizer and stereo mixing, and then you're good to go. :-)


That said, I do recommend . (sucks for you if you don't know Amiga workbench lol) You'll need either a tracker, modplug player ( or winamp, since it supports a range of wierd formats.

I love these (and most other stuff from the guys and girls who made them)

I could go on forever.

Edit to add. Someone posted one I made 10 years ago on youtube. It was used in an intro from 2009. The playback routine f***ed up big time but I felt it fit the overall theme so I never told the coder. Lead starts and stops in odd places, too much vibrato on ends etc. Chiptune writers will know right away where it happens.

I really liked Pokemon Pinball's soundtrack.

(Fun fact: While the melody has a striking resemblance to Gold/Silver/Crystal's Cianwood City theme, Pokemon Pinball was released seven months before Gold and Silver was.)

here is some 16bit as well

more swedish chiptunes

While were on the subject of amiga music you can't forget about Keffrins legendary Desert Dream: or the Commodore 64 version of it with music by the great Fanta:

oh also

You cant talk streets of rage without at least mentioning

that one is also good, but I like SoR1's stage one track more.

I listen to mostly Zweihander, Danny Baranowsky, and Disasterpiece.

I will be lurking.

Tim follin anybody?

the Follin's are boss!

yes, so much yes.

I agree completely. Fanta is a great tune writer. But riddle me how the #¤%& they managed to do a convincing version of Desert Dream on the C64. My jaw dropped to the floor when it was released from the party. I can only imagine the frenzy in the hall as it played. Or maybe rather than sound of dropped jaws.

Edit. btw. it reminds me. this was the announce tro of the new kefrens (the desert dream guys) I always loved S.S.L's tune in that. It's their own bizarre internal format so good luck trying to get a player to play the original file.